Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

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Con-way Truckload Apprenticeship Program

This program enables military veterans who choose to start truck-driving careers with Con-way Truckload to use their GI Bill benefits to supplement their income in their first year of employment. This first year is considered an apprentice period during which new drivers fulfill a series of skill qualifications, training and safe driving performance milestones as a condition of continued employment. Qualifying veterans or Reservists can receive up to an additional $1,000 a month in tax-free GI Bill benefits under this apprenticeship program during their first year with Con-way Truckload.

Con-way Truckload Apprenticeship Program Requirements

While we are always looking to hire drivers with a valid commercial driver's license (CDL) and a minimum level of truck-driving experience, you don’t have to have a CDL to be considered for Con-way Truckload’s apprenticeship program. We can help you obtain your CDL, and we can even get you enrolled at a driving school that offers tuition assistance.

As drivers progress through training and safe driving milestones during their first year, they qualify for pay increases. Upon successful completion of the full-year apprentice program, drivers will graduate to the pay rate level of an experienced driver.

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