Driver Pay and Benefits

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Con-way Truckload driver pay and incentives are among the best in the industry

At Con-way Truckload, we're committed to excellence in everything we do. That includes recruiting the best truckload drivers on the road. We hire qualified solo and team drivers to command our modern fleet and offer outstanding driver support, exceptional benefits and excellent pay. Paid time off, health insurance, regular safety bonuses and practical miles—you should never settle for less.

The best truckload drivers deserve great pay, excellent benefits, responsive fleet managers and modern trucks. At Con-way Truckload, driver satisfaction is our priority. Our solo truckload drivers average $52,500 per year. When you begin with Con-way Truckload, you'll earn:

Solo and Team Rates for 12 Months or More Prior Experience
Miles Solo Rate Team Rate Team Pet Pass Solo Pet Pass
0-124999 $0.37 $0.225 $0.22 $0.36
<125000-249999 $0.38 $0.23 $0.225 $0.37
250000-499999 $0.39 $0.235 $0.235 $0.38
500000-749999 $0.395 $0.2375 $0.2325 $0.385
750000-999999 $0.40 $0.24 $0.2350 $0.39
1000000-1499999 $0.405 $0.2425 $0.2375 $0.395
1500000-1999999 $0.41 $0.2450 $0.24 $0.40
2000000-2499999 $0.42 $0.25 $0.2450 $0.41

(Different pay scale for those that have a pet)

As a Con-way Truckload team you'll earn $0.45 per mile.

Con-way Truckload also has several bonus opportunities and vacation and holiday pay.

Referral Bonus

Truckload drivers receive up to a $2,000 bonus for each experienced company or owner-operator driver (teams count as two) hired/leased as a result of your referral.

Safety Bonus

Safety Bonus is paid to each full-time, over-the –road company driver who qualifies. This bonus is paid quarterly as follows:

Bonus Time Range:Paid:
December 1 thru February 28approx. April 1
March 1 thru May 31approx. July 1
June 1 thru August 31approx. October 1
September 1 thru November 30approx. January 1

Bonus rates without deductions are $.01 thru $.04 based on accumulated incident free miles. Single drivers are credited for all miles. Team driver’s miles are split.

A deduction would be made for preventable occurrences and non-compliance to annual safety meeting/training.

State Bonus Pay

Con-way Truckload pays an additional $0.05 for each mile dispatched in these states:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • District of Columbia

Truckload drivers receive bonus pay per mile for all paid miles, whether loaded, empty, or bobtail. Team drivers split the $0.05 per mile pay for miles dispatched into the qualifying areas.

Vacation Pay

Con-way Truckload offers all employees one week of paid vacation after one year of service and two weeks of paid vacation after two years. Vacation pay is based on the driver's average earnings over 52 weeks. Con-way Truckload has six paid holidays at $60 per day each. Our truckload drivers do not need to be on the road to collect holiday pay. Drivers must be employed 30 days prior to the holiday and have dispatched miles during the pay period of the holiday and/or the pay period prior to the holiday to be eligible.

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