Guaranteed Freight Delivery


Con-way Freight, a top LTL carrier, offers comprehensive Guaranteed Delivery Service

With more than 30 years of experience and an established record of 99% on-time delivery, Con-way Freight is one of the world’s best freight companies. Our standing among the best LTL carriers gives you confidence your shipments will arrive when and where you need them.

We recognize you and your customers may need assurance for on-time delivery. That’s why we’re happy to offer two Guaranteed Service options: Guaranteed (G!) Service and our Standard Delivery Service Guarantee. Read below for more information to select the best guarantee that’s right for you and your customers.

1. Guaranteed (G!) Service ->

Choose Con-way Freight Guaranteed (G!) for your mission-critical shipments.

For emergency situations, demand surges and critical customer orders, Con-way Freight offers you the ultimate peace of mind with our Guaranteed (G!) delivery service.

When you choose G! you get the best guaranteed service in the industry from a top LTL carrier. This includes:

  • No minimum charges or hidden fees
  • The lowest guaranteed service charge 
  • Priority handling, tracking and coding of your shipments 
  • The fastest transit times—up to 2 days faster than our competitors 
  • Automatic and electronic claim reimbursement

Simply mark the “Guaranteed” box (or write G!) on your bill of lading (BOL) or e-BOL to guarantee your next shipment. It’s that simple. 

Priority Handling
All G! marked shipments receive priority handling and scheduling throughout our network, ensuring prompt, professional handling by our dedicated employees.

We are proud to offer our premium/priority G! service with only a 20% up-charge to your freight bill. 

Automatic Claims Process
In the rare instance a claim situation should occur with G! — less than 1% of the time — we offer the easiest, most hassle-free process in the business. No calling, no paperwork, no filing — you get an automatic, electronic refund of your freight charges instantly. No issues!

2. Standard Delivery Service Guarantee ->

All eligible shipments are automatically covered by the Con-way Freight Standard Delivery Service Guarantee at no additional charge. And with our ranking among the world’s best LTL carriers, that’s a guarantee you can count on.

This program covers all points served direct by Con-way Freight in the continental United States and Canada. Please review tariff CNWY-199, item 24 for complete terms and conditions of Standard Delivery Service Guarantee.

To file a claim, visit our Claims and Refunds page.

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