Con-way Freight Innovations

At Con-way Freight we're driven by innovation. We're always looking for ways to make shipping freight easier and more convenient for our customers. That's THE POWER OF FORWARD THINKING.™

Some of our latest innovations include:

SafeStack™—We've upgraded our fleet with this advanced cargo loading system. Custom-designed anchors and straps protect and secure freight during transit. Learn more.

Mobile Technology—Our enhanced smart phone app allows you to receive personalized freight quotes, place shipments, track freight and stay in control. Plus, our website automatically detects your mobile device and presents a simplified, mobile-friendly view. Learn more.

MobileSCO Handheld Technology—This innovative technology allows our drivers to track and trace freight easily and respond faster to customer needs while improving operations planning and execution. Learn more.

Safety Technology—The integration of Drive Safe Systems (DSS) into our state-of-the-art Cascadia fleet is evidence of our uncompromising commitment to safety. Read more about this innovative technology.

Sustainability—Our brand colors are blue and white, but we are committed to "green". Learn more.

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