Safety Technology

Safety Equipment


At Con-way Freight, Safety is our # 1 core value. Our investment in Drive Safe Systems (DSS) technology ensures Con-way Freight drivers and the motoring public arrive home safely every night. We are the first and only major LTL carrier to deploy significant safety technology as an integrated system across the entire fleet.

Below is a list of the cutting-edge technology we've integrated into our fleet to keep our employees, our customers and the freight safe.

Electronic On-board Recorder (EOBR)

The EOBR technology is designed to coach driver behavior by providing real-time visibility to performance data such as: engine fault codes and parameters, MPG, idle time, shifting, hard braking and hard acceleration. The use of EOBRs has been linked to overall safety and improved MPG through more efficient shifting and a reduction of idle time. An additional benefit of the EOBR system is that it will satisfy the law passed by the U.S. Congress that requires drivers to track their hours of service using electronic logging devices.

DriveCam Event Recorder

The Event Recorder technology captures brief 30-second clips of visuals in the cab, looping and recording over the previous 30 seconds during normal operation. Upon unusual motion, such as hard braking, swerving or collision, the cameras will save 12 seconds of audio and video inside and outside the tractor. That data is then analyzed by independent experts to identify risk and coaching event opportunities.

Forward Collision Warning

Adaptive cruise control automatically keeps a safe distance behind the vehicle ahead, accelerating or decelerating as needed in the absence of driver action.

Forward Collision Warning

Lane Departure Warning

This technology monitors a vehicle's position relative to highway lane markings and sounds an alarm similar to the sound a vehicle makes when it travels over a highway "rumble strip," alerting the driver to make a correction.

Lane Departure Warning

Roll Stability Control

This technology senses conditions which are consistent with a vehicle about to roll over, such as during hard cornering or change of direction. When the system senses a possible rollover, an indicator lamp on the dash alerts the driver and automatically decreases engine torque.

Roll Stability Control

In-Dash Radios

Factory-installed in-dash AM/FM/Satellite radios were included in the equipment suite to replace portable radios often brought by drivers into the cab. The in-dash units help reduce driver distractions by keeping their eyes focused ahead on the road.

Trailer Improvements

Our investment and improvements don't stop with the tractors in our fleet. Trailers also received several safety technological improvements:
  • Additional tail lights- increase visibility of the back of the trailer during inclement weather and during braking to give motorists more time to react and reduce the chance of an accident
  • Sky lights- the addition of sky lights to the rooftops of trailers allow daylight to filter into the trailer, providing better visibility inside the trailer during loading and unloading
  • Sideskirting- the addition of side skirts along the trailers reduce wind resistance which increases the stability of the trailer, resulting in increased safety for our Driver Sales Representatives and the motoring public we share the roads with
  • Low resistance tires- the tires reduce road friction and provide better fuel efficiency leading to lower carbon emissions and cleaner air

At Con-way Freight we're driven by innovation and technology. We're always looking for ways to make shipping freight easier and more convenient for our customers. That's THE POWER OF FORWARD THINKING.™

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