XML: E-commerce Solutions

What is XML?

XML (extensible markup language) is a flexible, text-based data-formatting method of marking data (e.g., a shipment status report) in such a way that it can be easily read, converted and understood by data systems used with other applications and computer systems.

XML is commonly used in enterprise application integration, linking legacy systems to newer systems, such as intranets and Web sites. XML makes it easy to send data from any application to any Internet or desktop application (application-to-application integration). Con-way’s customers can use their own front-end applications and seamlessly access our rating, tracking and reporting capabilities.

Applications currently available include:

  • Tracking (by PRO number, as well as customer reference numbers)
  • Rating (generic and customer-specific, including transit time calculator)
  • Bill of lading with optional pickup request
  • Manifests
  • Service center lookup
  • Imaging
  • Tracking history

Con-way is helping customers integrate the tracking and rating services with their systems, verifying user accounts on the site and sending technical staff the interface guidelines (and sample code if needed) to make this happen. View the interface guidelines and sample code for XML transactions.

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