Security Administrator FAQ

Security Administrator FAQ

What is a “security administrator,” and why do I need one?

A security administrator is an employee of your company who has been authorized to administrate access to certain secure sections of the Con-way Web site. Employees of your company (or third parties as appropriate) who want to have visibility to additional locations or access to the accounts payable (A/P) application, will be required to have the security administrator’s prior authorization. Unauthorized employees who attempt to access A/P information will see a page that explains the process and directs them to the security administrator for access.

How do I set up a security administrator at my company?

A form letter must be completed and sent to us. Here are instructions and a format of the letter (both are Microsoft Word documents).

What can a security administrator do?

  • A security administrator can add (and remove) locations from a user’s location profile. When the security administrator adds a location, the selected user will be able to use manifests/reports and other tools on the Con-way site to access shipment information about that location.
  • A security administrator can also enable (and disable) access to the A/P information for any location that is already in an employee’s location profile.

Why does Con-way require a security administrator?

A security administrator helps maintain the security of your valuable business data.

I don’t want to designate a security administrator. Can I still view A/P information?

No, viewing A/P information requires security administration.

How does the security administration tool work?

Enter the user name (e.g., jsmith) of the person whose location profile you wish to administer, then click Start. A list of locations that you can administer display under your name. Click the plus symbol to show all locations under the main corporate location. Click the minus symbol to show only the main corporate location. If you need to add or remove a location from your administration list: 

  1. To add a location to the selected user’s location profile, click that location in your administration list and follow the instructions that appear. When you add a location, the selected user will be able to use RapidReports, Manifests and other tools on the Con-way site to access shipment information about that location. Selected users will not be able to view A/P information until you specifically enable it using the procedure described in step 3 below.
  2. To remove a location from a selected user, click the location in the user’s location profile list.
  3. To enable/disable access to A/P information for a particular location, click that location in the user’s location profile list. You can only enable/disable A/P access for locations that appear in a user’s location profile list.

If you add/remove a corporate location, all the service/billing locations associated with that location will also be added/removed.

You can also give yourself access to A/P information using the same procedures: Enter your user name, select the applicable location, and then enable/disable access.

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