Billing and Invoicing

Customer Support — Billing and Invoicing

To ensure prompt application of invoice payments, please direct your payment to the applicable remittance address.

In the U.S.:

Con-way Freight
P.O. Box 5160
Portland, OR 97208-5160

In Canada:

Con-way Freight
c/o T10289C
P.O. Box 4918 STN A
Toronto, ON Canada M5W OC9

What is EIP (electronic invoice presentment)?

EIP is the transmission of customer-specific invoicing data in CSV, PDF or XML format collected in an email and transmitted to the customer on a daily or weekly basis.

How does EIP help you?

Electronic invoicing allows you to quickly receive accurate billing information. To better integrate with your business, Con-way Freight offers you the option to receive invoices to be emailed directly to your inbox in PDF format. Plus, you can also sign up to receive email notification when invoices are sent, whether they are electronic invoices or paper invoices.

How do you use EIP?

Click here to begin the sign-up process. If you're not sure of the exact technical details, don't worry — the sign-up form has a place to fill in the name of a technical contact from your company. We'll get in touch and set up your invoicing to your specifications. You can always make changes later, quickly and easily. Use this form to set up a basic process or we can work with you to create a custom solution, even on a location-by-location or billing-type basis. You can select from these different options when determining how you would like your invoices handled:

  • By Invoice type — Original or Corrected
  • By Payment type — Prepaid or Collect
  • Electronic delivery or just notification, or a combination of both

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