Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Menlo Worldwide Logistics offers a variety of value-added services that enhance and complement our core transportation and warehouse-management logistics services. These services facilitate strategies to lower inventories of finished goods by postponing final assembly and labeling until customer orders are received.

Examples include:

  • Postponement or localization
  • De-trash and recycle
  • Light assembly
  • Packaging services
  • Inventory management
  • Material supply programs
  • Bundling/Unbundling
  • Kitting
  • Configuration
  • Labeling
  • Return inspection and disposition
  • Sequencing
  • Delivery to assembly lines

Material Supply Programs

Menlo Worldwide Logistics provides a complete set of materials solutions, including planning, procurement and financing. We design and implement supplier programs, such as replenishment, vendor-managed inventory and vendor-managed hubs, to get material into plants and warehouses in the most cost-efficient manner. To support Lean manufacturing, Menlo Worldwide Logistics has worked with clients to develop just-in-time, line-side parts-delivery solutions, where components are loaded and delivered in the precise sequence needed for assembly. Around-the-clock deliveries from off-site warehouses eliminate on-site inventory inside the manufacturing plant. Menlo Worldwide Logistics is adept at solving unique inventory problems with customized solutions and creative approaches.

Assembly and Packaging

Menlo Worldwide Logistics has worked with clients on a wide range of assembly and final configuration programs, and developed successful strategies to manage these activities. Menlo Worldwide Logistics capabilities include light assembly, final configuration, packaging and kitting. Whether the problem requires mass customization or a complex process that includes assembling the proper configuration, loading software and testing before shipping, Menlo Worldwide Logistics can handle it quickly and reliably, offering the flexibility you demand.


Menlo Worldwide Logistics designs, implements and executes planning programs, such as distribution resource planning (DRP), to manage the deployment of products through a logistics network. We can feed your demand data into our DRP or develop customized solutions with our forecasting application. We can utilize our manufacturing resource planning tool (MRPII) to support the light assembly and postponement activities we conduct in our warehouses, downstream from manufacturing. The procurement module of our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is linked to the planning tools, and receives replenishment signals we convert into purchase orders.

Purchase order information is sent to vendors and to our warehouse management system (WMS) so that material receipts can be validated. A principal benefit of our planning management is the coordination of inventory shipments with transportation and warehousing activities to optimize the landed costs of materials. Our planners, transportation managers and warehouse managers work as an integrated team to optimize costs and minimize system-wide inventory required to achieve customer-specified service levels.

Reverse Logistics

Menlo Worldwide Logistics ensures that returned merchandise is taken care of—whether it needs to be returned to the plant, scrapped, or repacked and replaced as stock. Menlo Worldwide Logistics has also managed the reuse of packaging materials to help with recycling, conservation and disposal. We also coordinate direct deliveries of returned products to a manufacturing site.

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