Two Million Mile Safe Drivers


Frank Mills

In 1989, Driver Sales Representative Frank Mills had one concern: finding a job that offered good money. Little did he know that when he signed on with Con-way Freight in October 1989, he had discovered more than just a job. He found a career that has filled him with a sense of purpose for 35 years.

“There was an opportunity to become a licensed professional truck driver, and it offered good money, so I took it,” explains Frank. “Freedom and nobody looking over your shoulder; that’s what I enjoy most about driving for a living.”

Regarding safety on the job, Frank describes today’s highway traffic as “unreal,” making it a challenge to stay safe on the road. He believes that unpredictability, in addition to the high volume of drivers, is making it incredibly hard to keep safe distances and maintain control of driving situations.

“Be courteous to everybody,” says Frank. “Keep a safe buffer between you and the car ahead of you, don’t tailgate and just be considerate.” Frank feels that too many motorists get impatient quickly and compromise the safety of both themselves and those around them by failing to keep a respectful distance.

“I always inspect my truck thoroughly before I get on the road,” says Frank. “The pre-check is my way of making sure my rig is safe to drive, so I know I’m in control of my vehicle and not the other way around.” Frank stresses the importance of taking time to complete a comprehensive inspection before getting behind the wheel.

Frank is thrilled by his achievement, but shares that his main priority has always been, and continues to be, providing for his family. “I never thought about the miles, really,” explains Frank, “I just owe this award to God for helping me to come home every night and take care of my loved ones.”

A resident of Keithville, La., Frank is based out of Con-way Freight’s Shreveport, La., service center. He has been married for 33 years to his wife, Linda, and has two children: Stephanie and Gary, and a grandson, Alex. In his spare time, Frank enjoys riding motorcycles and hunting deer.

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