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What documents do I need to ship to and from Mexico?

To begin a shipment to Mexico all you need to do is complete a Bill of Lading. Work with your broker to complete a Commercial Invoice and the NAFTA Certificate of Origin. When shipping into the U.S., you'll need the Commercial Invoice and your broker will take care of the rest.

Are broker fees or border crossing fees included in my rate quote?

Broker fees and border crossing fees are not included in your rate quote. They must be obtained through your broker.

Can I track a shipment to Mexico?

You must ship door-to-door to track shipment statuses in Mexico. For shipments which are not door-to-door, tracking results will only provide status information for the U.S. portion of the shipment.

Where do I go to track my shipment?

Go to Tracking and enter your PRO number in the tracking section at the top right of the screen.

Does Con-way Freight have terminals in Mexico?

No. We partner with our sister company CFI Logística through Con-way Truckload to manage freight in Mexico. CFI Logística has a network of service centers throughout Mexico.

How do I get a door-to-door rate quote to Mexico?

To determine if your shipment can be sent door-to-door, go to Rate Quote Mexico and get a Mexico Rate Quote. To get an intra-Mexico rate quote call CFI Logística at 877-264-1991.

Can you recommend a broker?

The following are brokers identified by U.S. Customs and Homeland Security.

Where will my shipment cross the border?

All door-to-door shipments cross at Laredo, TX. All shipments to or from the border will cross at one of Con-way Freight's 13 border crossing locations. The exact location will be dependent on the destination/origin city in Mexico, the broker selected to cross the freight, and/or the carrier selected to transport the freight in Mexico. Contact your customs broker to identify exact border crossing locations for Con-way Freight shipments to and from the border.

Where can I go for more help?

Call the Con-way Freight Customs Resource Center at 866-431-0777 or email

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