Shipment Summary/Detail Reports

Summary Reports can be viewed online or, if you prefer, they can be downloaded to a spreadsheet and be emailed or faxed. 

  • Activity Report — The Activity Report is a 13-month snapshot of your total shipment activity, including aggregate measures of shipment volume, weight, miles, payment type and more, for all your outbound and inbound locations.
  • Exception Report — The Exception Report is a clearly organized report that provides information about shipments with delivery issues. Using this report, you can view 13 months of outbound and inbound shipments.
  • Lane Analysis Report — The Lane Analysis Report provides a monthly breakdown of shipments by state for both outbound and inbound less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments.

  • Service Report — The Service Report is an easy-to-read table that details Con-way Freight’s on-time performance statistics for your locations, including inbound and outbound shipments.

  • Your Top 20 Customers/Vendors Report — This report contains the names, addresses and ranks of your top customers and vendors, providing you with strategic insights into your markets. Using this report, you can view the latest month, the last year, and year-to-date information.

All of Con-way Freight’s Summary Reports make your shipping experience better by including detailed reporting that lets you trace a specific shipment and view the associated shipment documents. These dynamic reports include historical and year-to-date data in an easy-to-read format.

Manifest Reports

With Manifest Reports you are able to easily access recent shipment activity. Con-way Freight makes these reports available via email and fax through report scheduling, or on-demand using the view online section. 

  • All Shipments Report — The All Shipments Report gives you visibility into your LTL shipments that have not yet been delivered and/or those shipments that were delivered today or on the previous business day.

  • New Shipments Report — The New Shipments Report details your LTL shipments that were picked up today or on the previous business day.

  • Exception Shipments Report — This report shows shipments that are in an exception status, such as appointment required.

  • Out for Delivery Planning Report — By providing you visibility to delivery planning, we ensure you stay one step ahead of your customers with visibility to shipments that are out for delivery or that are estimated to be delivered today or prior.

  • Delivered Report — The Delivered Report shows shipments that have been delivered within the specified number of business days.

  • Guaranteed Report — This report allows you to see the subset of your shipments that were shipped under the Con-way Guaranteed program.

All of Con-way Freight’s Manifest Reports are conveniently available for inbound, outbound and third-parties in either a detail or summary format. Our summary format contains the shipper name, consignee name, PRO number, pieces, weight, charges, pickup date, status, ETA and estimated/actual delivery date. Our detail format contains all of the information from the summary format plus more details about the shipper and consignee, customer reference numbers, type of bill, exception detail, appointment schedule information, and indicators such as COD, guaranteed, deferred, and freezable. Lastly, Con-way Freight also enables online customers to use a calendar format displaying the status of shipments by their estimated/actual delivery date at a glance.

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