Fuel Surcharge

Effective March 2, 2015 Con-way Freight implemented a new fuel surcharge tariff CNWY SCP 190-B. Effective February 2, 2015 Con-way implemented a new fuel surcharge tariff CNWY 190-J. The new tariff is still based on the United States Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration (EIA) Average Price for a gallon of diesel fuel issued each Monday. 

The Con-way Freight fuel surcharge, when justified by the level of the national average price for diesel fuel, will become applicable on the Monday following the posting on the Department of Energy website. 

The fuel surcharge range is between $2.00 per gallon and $4.50 per gallon. If diesel fuel prices are outside of this range, Con-way will issue a revised fuel surcharge table. This new, market-based fuel surcharge table has been reconfigured to reduce the volatility associated with diesel prices, allowing our customers to better forecast and plan for the fuel costs associated with their shipments.

This has been worked into three easy-to-understand surcharge translation tables, for LTL CNWY 190 and Volume Shipment Pricing and CNWY SCP 190. The truckload fuel surcharge will apply to any shipment rated at 20,000 pounds or more.

-------------- Con-way Freight Fuel Surcharge --------------
Effective Week
Price per
LTL Fuel
Surcharge %
(CNWY 190)
TL Fuel
Surcharge %
(CNWY 190)
Pricing Rate
per Mile
(CNWY SCP 190)
2/23/152.86522.95%45.90%$.254 20.88%
2/16/152.83522.70%45.40%$.250 20.76%
2/9/152.83122.70%45.40%$.250 20.76%
2/2/152.86622.95%45.90%$.254 20.88%
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