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As a SmartWay Transport Partner since 2005 and recipient of Excellence Awards in both 2006 and 2007, Con-way Truckload continues to exceed the expectations of EPA’s program.

The company proactively institutes new policies and adopts innovative technologies aimed at further reducing emissions and conserving fuel. As part of its commitment to the success of the program, the company focuses significant energy on informing customers, employees, drivers and others in the industry of its efforts to protect the environment, including:

  • Switching to fuel-efficient single wide-base tires on all tractors for a savings of 0.2 miles per gallon, with all trailers to follow by the end of 2012.
  • Using special engine and drive train lubricants to increase operating efficiency.
  • Lowering each truck’s weight by more than 670 pounds through specification changes, resulting in savings of 11,400 gallons of diesel fuel per year.
  • Equipping the fleet with highly engineered aerodynamic panels to reduce drag.
  • Reducing idling time through measures such as utilizing diesel-fired bunk heaters and commercial transponders for bypassing weigh stations, as well as increasing the use of team drivers and designating convenient “no idling” parking areas at selected terminals.
  • Recycling used trailers and refurbishing them for return to the fleet through its sister company, Road Systems, Inc., instead of buying new trailers.

Because the SmartWay program is voluntary, it has allowed Con-way Truckload to be open and honest with the EPA and its partners in developing a common sense approach toward the long-term goals of reducing emissions and remaining profitable.

The SmartWay program allows Con-way Truckload to track emission improvement performance and become a working part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem.

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