DoubleStack Trailers

Double freight capacity while saving money

Con-way Truckload’s innovative DoubleStack ™ trailers are the answer to the timeless question: How do I maximize trailer capacity?

DoubleStack trailers literally create a second level within a dry van trailer through the use of adjustable-height deck beams mounted to interior tracks without the use of cumbersome plywood. In one click, the height of each beam can be adjusted to accommodate different heights all throughout the trailer, maximizing trailer capacity. When the beams are not in use, the DoubleStack trailers quickly and easily convert to a traditional dry van trailer.

Let DoubleStack trailers work for you:

  • Maximizing trailer space by creating a second level for additional cargo within a traditional dry van trailer, allowing product to be safely double-stacked
  • Customizing interior deck heights to accommodate differently sized pallets through adjustable height deck beams that adjust vertically in one inch increments
  • Reducing number of shipments and saving money by using trailer space more efficiently
  • Further reducing damages by packing freight more tightly and through Con-way Truckload’s 100 percent air-ride equipped fleet of tractors and trailers
  • Simplifying loading and unloading through uniquely engineered deck beams that eliminate need for bulky plywood since pallets rest directly on the deck beams
  • Reduce carbon footprint through consolidating shipments and reducing plywood consumption
  • Flexibly convert back to a traditional dry van trailer when deck beams are not in use
  • Ease of use since decking system accommodates forklift loading
With system-wide reliability of 98 percent on-time performance and unmatched equipment and driver capacity, Con-way Truckload continues to provide its customers transportation solutions that fit their changing needs. Lower your operating cost, optimize your speed to market and start putting wasted space to work for you through our DoubleStack trailers. Contact us today: 1-800-641-4747.

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